Salon Practices Post Pandemic

While women cope with DIY beauty during the lockdown, I’ve also seen wives and mothers on social media their newly-found talents in haircutting.

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With my own roots desperately seeking for touch-ups, I can’t help but wonder what’s going to change when it comes to salon practices once the enhanced community quarantine has been lifted?

I stumbled upon an article in Vogue, talking about how hair salons will be transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The article states salons reopening in Atlanta, Georgia, and the practices they are doing to ensure the health and safety of their staff and clients.

“The primary rules for the Van Michael salons are as follows: Salon volume will be kept at a minimum of 50% with stylists working at every other station at least six feet apart; Before entry, clients will wait outside and have temperatures checked; Once inside, all stylists will be wearing plastic shields and masks, while clients are required to wear masks and belongings must be limited to a phone and form of payment—no handbags. Regarding services, there will be no blow-drying to avoid an airflow of germs, which will also cut down on in-salon time.”

They also asked their staff to work with masks and shields. Also, salon stylists and colorists attendance are rotating, some are working two days on and have two days off. They also do crowd control by limiting appointments and spreading them apart.

Meanwhile, in Wuhan, stylists wore face masks, hazmat suits, and gloves, implemented new sanitation strategies, limited volume, and spaced out seating in accordance with social distancing mandates when they reopened similar businesses in March.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see similar practices in Metro Manila as quarantine regulations ease up, allowing salons and similar businesses open. Hopefully, salon owners, staff, and customers do their part in ensuring their safety and the community.

We Are Beautiful And Powerful

I always have a wonderful feeling whenever I get to play with my makeup. But most especially whenever I get to apply makeup on other women.

As soon as my clients look at their reflection and see the true beauty they have all along.

My goal as a makeup artist is not to make women beautiful; it is to make them realize they are already beautiful, applying makeup a certain way just enhances their features.

I believe everyone is already beautiful, but there is something powerful with wearing red lipstick, a coat of mascara, or winged eyeliner. If women would be going to a battle, then makeup would be their armor. 


My Search For Joy

My goal this year was really to find joy and purpose again along with the courage to take hold of them when I find them. After what has happened to me last year, my entire world just turned upside down, sideways, and inside out. It just rearranged every single thing in my life. I guess the only constant element is me.

I wasn’t sure how to find joy. Do I search for it in people I encounter? Be inspired by their own joy? I had no freaking idea.

All I know is I want joy back in my life again. I am not talking about laughing about something silly my friends and I talked about. I’m talking about a sense of bliss and a feeling that stays deep in me even after a moment has passed.

I first found a sense of joy when I was putting make-up on myself. I said to myself, I just wanted to look presentable for a business meeting but the feeling of putting effort on myself made me feel good and joyful when I saw my finished product. A feeling that made me give myself an imaginary pat on the back.

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Grief, What Is It? How do I do it?

How do I grieve? What does grief look like? These are some of the questions I asked myself.

My father’s passing really made me re-think life. This life-changing event shook me to the very core that it made me question who I am and who I am becoming.

Then there are the different emotions I went through that seemed more like phases rather than simple feelings. When asked what is grief, I used to relate it to sadness. However, I found out it was so much more.

Grief, in my experience, is a complex state when I felt a multitude of emotions, such as sadness, anger, denial, and regret, as I long for someone who is no longer present in my life. I also went through the pains of letting go and unbecoming the person I was when a certain person was still present. It pushed me beyond what was once my comfort zone.

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Back After Almost A Year

And so I am back….after almost a year.

What happened? A lot.

2018 was a real game-changer for me, including my personal and professional life.

I started 2018 mourning, for my maternal grandmother and as a make-up instructor in a school, I have loved so much.

Little did I know that these two incidents were just a start of a year in grief.

For those who have lost a loved one, they say it is never easy. And it’s true.

Coming home suddenly feels different, it almost feels like a different house. And yet, everything seems so familiar, but something is missing and I can’t quite put a finger in it. And then it hits me, SOMEONE is missing.

I can only try to describe it, but it is just beyond words. And then, there is grieving for a career linked to my passion. I didn’t only say goodbye to the work, but also to my passion for make-up and to the people I worked with.

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How To Whiten A Yellowed Canvas Vans?

White shoes are all in fashion lately specially with the revival of the street/sports wear, white shoes totally help complete the look.

But before it became a trend, I’ve been wearing my beloved white slip-on canvas shoes by Vans. Mainly because it’s comfortable and goes well with my outfits at work. (I was then a make-up teacher wearing white, gray, or black outfits)

Sadly, like all white shoes, it has succumbed to dirt and grime. I tried to clean it and used baking soda before to restore its condition but didn’t work. I tried several shoe cleaners for whites, but wasn’t successful.

Recently, I saw a post in Facebook to use tissue paper to whiten a yellowed canvas vans. At this point, I was desperate enough to try anything. I said to myself, “what the heck, I have nothing to lose.” Yes, I was that desperate.

                             Before: Dirty and Yellowed Canvas Vans

It’s dirty, grimy, and yellow. I have not used this pair for a long time because of its state.

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Review: Etude House Two Tone Treatment Hair Color

I love pink! Yes, it is my favorite color and I have always dreamed of having pink hair. The thing is, I am just afraid to bleach my hair.

So, I got really excited when I found out about the Etude House Two Tone Treatment Hair Color. Of course, I had to get the pink one!

But it also comes in four other shades: Mystery Purple, Spicy Red, Forest Green, and Fantasy Blue. It retails for 475 PHP in Etude House stores.

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My Big Bad Wolf Experience

Last February 22, I finally succumbed to my bibliophile nature and went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

I was determined to get those coffee table books about fashion and beauty that usually cost 2,500++ PHP. I went home with these and the reasons why I got them..

Top Left to Right:

100 Ideas That Changed Street Style by Josh Sims — Just because I like street style and I have always been interested in culture and lifestyle and how it influenced fashion.

The Dress: 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion Forever by Marnie Fogg — Because the dresses are pretty.

Beautiful Home Colouring Book by Katy Jackson — I want to try the adult colouring thing, as a form of meditation.

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