UN Bloggers Luncheon

I Choose to Mark a Difference, How about you?
I Choose to Mark a Difference, How about you?

It has been a very busy week and I almost forgot about all the wonderful experience I had the past week as a blogger. I have mentioned before that I am an advocate for United Nations’ World We Want program. And last Wednesday, I was among the bloggers and other advocates who attended the Goodwill Luncheon at the UNDP office in Makati. It was a day of coming together for a good cause.

Bloggers unite for a good cause
Bloggers unite for a good cause
Broadcaster, Ms. Chari Villa
Broadcaster, Ms. Chari Villa

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MY World Media Launch

            MY World Media Launch

Last Tuesday, March 12, I had the privilege of attending United Nations’ MY World Media Launch. MY World is a UN-led survey aimed to get as many citizens as possible, regardless of age, gender, and backgrounds, to participate in online and offline voting to determine which of the 6 out of 16 development issues they think would make the most difference in their lives.

During the event, the methods on how to take part in the survey were discussed. One of the highlights is the online voting. We can easily go to www.myworld2015.org and just vote. They even showed exactly how to do it step by step with the help of a volunteer. I wanted to volunteer but I already voted.

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Volunteering and the MDG

Last Tuesday, March 5, I went to VSO Bahaginan’s Volunteering Expo 2013. I was in awe of how much people went to the event and how active volunteering is in the Philippines. This year’s theme is: “The Future We Want for Volunteering.”

IMG_0522For the morning conference, VSO Bahaginan Chairperson, Mr. Vitaliano N. Nanagas III started the morning plenary with how we must recognize and appreciate volunteers like boy scouts, and those people who would stop to help out a person involved in an accident. Furthermore, he said that volunteers make the most impact to the poor.


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I vote for..

The United Nations wants to hear from you. And I have just told them my priorities for creating a better world.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 10.14.32 PMI voted for: Protection against crime and violence, affordable and nutritious food, access to clean water and sanitation, a good education, better transport and roads, an honest and responsive government.

I believe these are the things that should be prioritized. I specifically chose protection against crime and violence first because I want to live in a world where I could go out in the streets without fear of crime and violence.

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International Women’s Day!


In line with this, The United Nations has a song that inspires listeners to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equality.

Check out more about it here.