The Lowdown: Elf Matte Lip Color

Who doesn’t like affordable makeup or anything really? Well, I was roaming around Watson’s the other week to browse through products and just check out what’s new. I did see some promising new products but I had to put a lot of restraint on myself not to buy so much. Instead, I treated myself on a couple of Elf Matte Lip Color.

Elf Matte Lip Color
Elf Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose and Rich Red

Price: 249.75 Pesos each

Bought in: Watson’s in The Block, SM North Edsa

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Excited For Inglot Philippines!

I can’t express how excited I am for Inglot to come in Manila! And I don’t mean resellers, I mean a legit store where I can test the products and just hoard!

I am such a fan of Inglot, especially their eyeshadows and the freedom palette system!

To pay tribute and to show my excitement, let me share my own Inglot palette. I bought all these from Make Up Pro.

Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R:
Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R: 14, 110R, 107R, 361, 391, Bottom L-R: 391, 429, 350, 347,356)

Palette Price: PHP1,000

The eyeshadow square costs PHP400, except for the Rainbow eyeshadow square costs PHP480

Bought in: Make Up Pro

They are heavily pigmented. What you see on each eyeshadow pan is the same color you get when transferred on your eyelids. I’ll share the swatches below….

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Supporting Local: Snoe

I love checking out new products and I love it more when they are homegrown. It was my first time to see products from Snoe in the market. Maybe it has been a while since I visited the beauty department. But last Sunday while at Landmark, I came across the brand Snoe.

I was lured in by the creative packaging, almost comic strips-style, with playful and witty names of the products. As I was reading the ingredients, I saw that it was local! And that made me even more interested. So I grabbed a few…

My Snoe Stash
My Snoe Stash

Just to enumerate, I got the Poudre Extraordinaire in Vanilla Creme Light, Hair Heroes Intense hair conditioner, It’s Oat-K It’s Alright! hydrating facial mist and the Beso Balm lip sugar polish.

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Darker Lips For Fall

Even if we don’t enjoy four season in the Philippines, the rainy season gives us a reason to dress warmly and sport some darker lips.

Here’s my take on it.

Wearing H&M lipstick in Wild Thing
Wearing H&M lipstick in Wild Thing

Plus, I partnered it with a darker nail polish.

Matching lipstick shade and nail polish color
Matching lipstick shade and nail polish color

Dare to go darker? What’s the darkest lip color you have worn?



Disclosure: All Products mentioned here were purchased by the author. All opinions are based on the author’s personal experience and research. No compensation was made for products featured and/or reviewed in this post.

August Trends!

Check out the hottest trends for the month of August from

image from
image from


Nude lips, matte lips, and iridescent eyes are just some of this month’s hottest trends in beauty. And these are just perfect for this rainy season. I’m not so sure about the white on white. Definitely not applicable here in the Philippines.

Check it all out at


NYX Cosmetics in Manila?

I just heard some very good news from a close friend of mine that NYX cosmetics will be available in malls soon. No I am not just talking about resellers bringing it here. I mean there will be a physical store by NYX in the Metro.

nyxMy friend got the information from this blog saying that the first store will open at the Annex of SM North Edsa. According to the blog, it would be “at the upper ground floor and would open in June.”

When I read it, I just wanted to rush to the mall and check out if it really is true. I am a true sucker for NYX products, especially their lip products. I am just so excited! I will investigate and check this out myself.

If any of you have information about this, please please let me know. I would really really really appreciate it!



Skin problems due to weather changes

I am grateful to be blessed with great genes when it comes to my skin. And I maintain my skin’s condition with a simple skin care regimen. For me, I have several trusted products that have been effective for me. My routine is morning and evening cleansing, toning, and moisturizer. But more on that later.

I had some skin problems when I was in Beijing and when I got back in the Philippines.

When I was in Beijing, the weather was so cold. One of the coldest days, we experienced 3 degrees Celsius cold. The cold, I can take, but it was the cold wind that makes it hard to tolerate. My skin took a toll when I experienced what I suspect to be windburn.

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Beijing Looks

So I spent some limited time in Beijing last week, the cold was all I could really remember distinctly. The wind blew and sent shivers to my spine, making my teeth clatter. But, even when I feel like frozen on the ground I’m standing on, I still had to look good.
I’ll share with you my favorite looks for the short trip.

First is this put-together look:

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My skin’s best friend (Beijing Edition)

I just came back from Beijing China and I still can’t believe how cold it was there; considering I was there last week of March. Usually by that time, the weather won’t dip to 3 degrees Celsius anymore. But it did.

I had to seriously protect my skin from the cold, this means, extra extra moisturizing.

I brought along 3 important skin care products with me, that instantly became my best friend while in Beijing.

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How I pack my beauty products?

My makeup is always priority when packing for a trip. I’ll be leaving for Beijing, China tomorrow and it is just now that I finalized my makeup bag for the trip.

In packing, I consider the weather of the place/country I will go to and the activities I will be doing there. The last time I checked, it will be 13 to 16 degress Celsius during my stay.

Let me show you an overview of what I will be bringing:

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