Salon Practices Post Pandemic

While women cope with DIY beauty during the lockdown, I’ve also seen wives and mothers on social media their newly-found talents in haircutting.

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With my own roots desperately seeking for touch-ups, I can’t help but wonder what’s going to change when it comes to salon practices once the enhanced community quarantine has been lifted?

I stumbled upon an article in Vogue, talking about how hair salons will be transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The article states salons reopening in Atlanta, Georgia, and the practices they are doing to ensure the health and safety of their staff and clients.

“The primary rules for the Van Michael salons are as follows: Salon volume will be kept at a minimum of 50% with stylists working at every other station at least six feet apart; Before entry, clients will wait outside and have temperatures checked; Once inside, all stylists will be wearing plastic shields and masks, while clients are required to wear masks and belongings must be limited to a phone and form of payment—no handbags. Regarding services, there will be no blow-drying to avoid an airflow of germs, which will also cut down on in-salon time.”

They also asked their staff to work with masks and shields. Also, salon stylists and colorists attendance are rotating, some are working two days on and have two days off. They also do crowd control by limiting appointments and spreading them apart.

Meanwhile, in Wuhan, stylists wore face masks, hazmat suits, and gloves, implemented new sanitation strategies, limited volume, and spaced out seating in accordance with social distancing mandates when they reopened similar businesses in March.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see similar practices in Metro Manila as quarantine regulations ease up, allowing salons and similar businesses open. Hopefully, salon owners, staff, and customers do their part in ensuring their safety and the community.