Happy Mother’s Day

My Mama
              My Mama and I

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mama! I am grateful for having you as my mother. I couldn’t ask for anyone else. I love you so much, even if it’s not mother’s day!

Thank you for simply being the awesome woman that you are! 🙂

For all the mothers out there! Today’s your day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Sun iMessenger and Good Sicilian Food

It was a day of new discoveries as I learn about Sun Cellular’s messaging service, Sun iMessenger and get a taste of Sicilian food.

Yesterday, at Cantina Sicilianita, I got my first experience of the practical and easy way of web chatting through my mobile phone, minus the data charges and Internet connection.

I can easily chat with my online buddies using my phone in a text message platform. Instead of being online with the help of Wifi connections, I can send and receive messages from my online buddies in Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN, AOL, and ICQ by just subscribing to Sun iMessenger. For more information, you may visit http://www.sim.ph.


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Internet Marketing and more

How do you spend your weekends? Do you leave town for some R&R? Or do you stay lounge around at home?

Me, If I can help it, I expand my knowledge. Like what I did last Saturday, April 6 when I attended Ben Francia‘s Digital Marketing Masterplan.

Digital Marketing Masterplan starting

Ben Francia first discussed the essentials for digital marketing and narrowed them to four sections:

  • Business website basics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging for business
  • Twitter and Facebook marketing

He then mentioned some business website basics, like the steps when planning for your website. He even compared planning your website to planning your house. He believes that two are similar and that we must take time to consider everything we want before actually building it.

His tips on planning to build a website are:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Define your market
  3. Design a logo
  4. List down websites that you wish to emulate
  5. List down the features and functionalities that you want to have
  6. Prepare your content
  7. Figure out a budget

He even gave a walkthrough on getting a domain name and setting up a website using WordPress.

He then took on the age-old question of SEO or search engine optimization. Ben really made the presentation on SEO as less technical as he could. This was really helpful to people like me who are not techy.

My favorite topic on blogging was also very interesting and enlightening. As a blogger, I still learned something new from the seminar like more ways on how I can generate content ideas, as well as his Must Blog-Have’s.

Next, Ben shared his Twitter and Facebook tips and how to maximize these two social media websites for our business.

Our class picture 🙂

Aside from the enlightening day, I was also fortunate to meet entrepreneurs like Jennifer Sevilla-Go who specializes in hair fashion. Another interesting person is TJ Gonzales, a farmer, and offers soaps made from carabao’s milk.

The Saturday session was fun and enlightening. It sure was worth getting up early for.