Mascara History

Do you know it was Helena Rubinstein who first formulated the mascara similar to what we know today?

imagesShe formulated a lotion-based cream mascara and packaged it to come with a brush.

Before her formulation, mascaras came in a cake form. Like this from Maybelline.

1917-MAYBELINE CAKE MASCARAToday, there are still some cake mascaras available, like those from Kryolan. But it sure is easier to manage our tube-type mascaras. So thank you so much Ms. Helena Rubinstein!

Up till today, Helena Rubinstein remains a strong brand in the cosmetics industry. And we all know how Maybelline mascaras have become cult-favorites.

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Friday Fun Fact: The Price of Beauty

Have you guys seen the film Mirror Mirror, with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts? If you have, then one of the most memorable scene would be Julia Roberts’ spa scene.



Could you imagine getting those treatments nowadays? Whoah! it would be just scary and would take a lot of courage. Well there were some truth on some of the “procedures” shown in the film. Before the creams and the other cosmetics we have today, leeches were used to drain blood in order to make a person’s complexion appear paler. This may have been painful but not as painful as applying white lead paint which could have contained arsenic to lighten the skin. This cosmetic is documented on the many portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England.