Quicker Way To Dry Your Hair

Like most women in the Philippines, I wash my hair daily.

I tend to spend more time on my skin care and make up routine than my hair. I just tie it in a ponytail once it’s dry. But since I already have a mermaid-length of a hair, meaning the length is enough to cover my breasts, it’s been challenging to dry my hair daily, especially when I’m in a rush. So I usually end up with my hair dripping wet or the back of my shirt is soaked by the time I arrive in my destination.

Well, I found a solution to cut my hair drying routine by almost half without blow drying or air drying it. It’s with the Goody Quikstyle hairbrush and comb.

Goody Quikstyle Water Wicking Comb and Hairbrush
Goody Quikstyle Water Wicking Comb and Hairbrush

Price: 769.75 pesos for the Comb, 1,299.75 for the hairbrush

Bought in: PCX 

The Goody Quikstyle Water Wicking Comb has two rows of teeth that help reduces water by 20%. Meanwhile, the Goody Quikstyle hairbrush has absorbent microfiber bristles that can reduce water by 30%.

I have been using this comb and brush combo for a month now and I have been loving it! I brought these when I went to Hong Kong and when I practice Bikram Yoga. They really help save time drying my hair!

Have you tried these Goody products? What’s your quick, hair drying tip?



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