Makeup 101 And More With Gorgeous Sessions

I know the feeling of not knowing which eyeshadow color looks good and how do you properly groom those eyebrows. Believe me, I’ve been there. No matter how many articles I read before, I still can’t seem to get it right. What did I do? I studied. No self-study but really investing on the education to know the how-to’s and the why’s of makeup.

Are you itching to learn about learning to do the winged eyeliner technique and smokey eye? Well you can learn the essentials and more about makeup application! My former makeup teacher and mentor, Cecille Rebollos, is holding another Gorgeous Session tomorrow, Saturday, March 15 in Ortigas!

Learn which skin care products to use for your skin time, transforming your day to night looks, and more! Here’s the fun part, you get a 10-piece starter kit too!

Check it out and contact Gorgeous Sessions by Cecille Rebollos for future classes.


5 Things I Learned As A Makeup Artist

A behind-the-scene photo back in 2010
A behind-the-scene photo back in 2010

I’m grateful for having an education filled with all the theories and the practical applications of makeup artistry. But the real world is different and really not an ideal place. I just want to share some of the things I learned outside the campus.

1. Be early, not on time – This is practical and really just common sense. Whether it’s a meeting or a shoot, it’s nice to be early because you can get settled right away. It also gives you time to review for a meeting or get to know things about the shoot in case there are last minute changes, at least you can adjust accordingly.

2. Passion and excellence works – It’s not all about the money or the glamor. It’s mainly about the love and passion you put in every single gig or job. At the end of the day, it’s still a job and you are always judged by the result so work passionately and excellently.

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