The Hunt For Flats

Ok.. So I didn’t really hunt for those oh-so perfect flats. I already know what brand to look for and where.

Before the heavy downpour we experienced recently, I was out looking for ballet flats; specifically from Anthology.

The very reason I’m buying new flats is because my old pair from Anthology needs to retire. My Mom took pity on it and told me to let it go and buy new ones. I couldn’t really let them go because they are so comfortable. And like any high-quality pair of shoes, they get better as they age, so the comfort level just improves.

In need of retirement Anthology Flats
In-need-of-retirement Anthology Flats

Just look how worn they are now. But I can’t let them go. Even if I have new flats, I still wear this pair at times.

My favorite Anthology flats
My favorite Anthology flats

I went back to Crossings Department Store in Shangri-La Plaza to find my next favorite Anthology shoes. And I did! But instead of getting a pair, I ended up getting two!

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My New Eyeglasses

I have poor vision. I got my first eyeglasses when I was in high school but never really used them much. Back then, I couldn’t tell the difference of style and trends. When I chose my eyeglasses frames, they were simply functional and looked all right; and after a few years, I regretted getting them.

When I finally found my personal style, I knew I wanted some classic style and of course, pink! Hence, I got these pink Calvin Klein frames.

wearing my pink Calvin Klein eyeglasses

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