Excited For Inglot Philippines!

I can’t express how excited I am for Inglot to come in Manila! And I don’t mean resellers, I mean a legit store where I can test the products and just hoard!

I am such a fan of Inglot, especially their eyeshadows and the freedom palette system!

To pay tribute and to show my excitement, let me share my own Inglot palette. I bought all these from Make Up Pro.

Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R:
Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R: 14, 110R, 107R, 361, 391, Bottom L-R: 391, 429, 350, 347,356)

Palette Price: PHP1,000

The eyeshadow square costs PHP400, except for the Rainbow eyeshadow square costs PHP480

Bought in: Make Up Pro

They are heavily pigmented. What you see on each eyeshadow pan is the same color you get when transferred on your eyelids. I’ll share the swatches below….

L-R: (Matte 356, 319, 347, 361,350)

Because of my fair skin, some of the eyeshadow colors almost blend to my skin. Yes, I like them that way. I found it great to neutralize the color of the eyelids, and make them pop at the same time.

I mainly use this palette for my clients. But I have experimented some looks using this palette.

L-R: 429, 14, 391
Top-   Bottom-
Top-110R, Bottom-107R

Inglot Philippines will be opening in Glorietta 5 this November. I just can’t wait!


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