My Big Bad Wolf Experience

Last February 22, I finally succumbed to my bibliophile nature and went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

I was determined to get those coffee table books about fashion and beauty that usually cost 2,500++ PHP. I went home with these and the reasons why I got them..

Top Left to Right:

100 Ideas That Changed Street Style by Josh Sims — Just because I like street style and I have always been interested in culture and lifestyle and how it influenced fashion.

The Dress: 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion Forever by Marnie Fogg — Because the dresses are pretty.

Beautiful Home Colouring Book by Katy Jackson — I want to try the adult colouring thing, as a form of meditation.

The Tiger Warrior by David Gibbins — I’m a sucker for adventure-type books, specially if they are for young adults. I think they are an easy read and gives me a somewhat escape from reality where my mind can wander.

Bottom Left to Right:

The Pharaoh: Life at Court and on Campaign by Garry J. Shaw — I have always been interested in history and how royalty lived.

Fashion Box: The Immortal Icons of Style by Antonio Mancinelli — Again, just really about style in general.

Face to Face by Scott Barnes — As a make-up artist, this is an additional reference.

Create the Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford: The Sweet Spot Guide to Home Decor by Desha Peacock — I like all things pretty and anything that has to do with organizing.

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene — I’m a big fan of Nancy Drew, plus the covers are pretty! 

Got these all for just 4,000 PHP! I went home happy.


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