My Search For Joy

My goal this year was really to find joy and purpose again along with the courage to take hold of them when I find them. After what has happened to me last year, my entire world just turned upside down, sideways, and inside out. It just rearranged every single thing in my life. I guess the only constant element is me.

I wasn’t sure how to find joy. Do I search for it in people I encounter? Be inspired by their own joy? I had no freaking idea.

All I know is I want joy back in my life again. I am not talking about laughing about something silly my friends and I talked about. I’m talking about a sense of bliss and a feeling that stays deep in me even after a moment has passed.

I first found a sense of joy when I was putting make-up on myself. I said to myself, I just wanted to look presentable for a business meeting but the feeling of putting effort on myself made me feel good and joyful when I saw my finished product. A feeling that made me give myself an imaginary pat on the back.

I told this to one of my friends and she said, then to do it again. Continue putting on make-up, not just to yourself but also to others. (Back story, I felt like I quit being a make-up artist after saying goodbye as a teacher in an international school. I felt like I failed at it all. It was part of being hopeless in my grieving.)

So I took her advice and just dived into make-up artistry once more. First, I experimented looks on myself and started accepting make-up gigs once more. I was initially hesitant to take on projects because I felt like it has been ages since I last applied make-up on other people’s faces and I might be too rusty to even do a fairly good job. But because I felt so much joy doing it and just making someone look even more beautiful, I realized I wasn’t as rusty I thought I was and did a good job. Another imaginary pat on the back with this experience.

For a couple of weeks, I had a series of make-up gigs; a couple of photo shoots and some beauty make-up for wedding guests.

I enjoyed one particular shoot where photos will be featured on a company’s annual report. The talents were real people and not professional models.

I really felt joyful just doing their make-up that we breezed through the shoot and was done after 3 hours. Here are the results…

This beauty is only 15 years old.

She reminds me of Marian Rivera, do you agree?

I’m still in search of my source of joy but I am thankful in rediscovering how make-up artistry brings me joy. I hope to continue sharing joy in the process as well.

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