‘La Roseraie’

In the previous post, I shared my excitement over Lancôme ‘La Roseraie’ Illuminating Powder, a beautiful blush-illuminating powder combo.

Using my flat top brush, I brushed through the blush (the flower part) and applied it on my cheeks. On the first two swipes, the soft pink color was more visible, but after a while it became sheer to the point that it took me four to five times swiveling my brush on the product. My excitement was nowhere to be found after.

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Lash Away

I’m obsessed with long lavish lashes — those thick and naturally curled up eyelashes. I know it’s very easy to imitate them with the power of false eyelashes. The thing is I don’t like wearing them myself. I swear by their instant effects of making the eyes look bigger and brightening one’s face, but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

My alternative is to apply several coats of mascara.

Here’s my personal mascara collection:

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Hello Goodies!

I’m so excited with these Lancôme goodies!! I got the Lancôme ‘La Roseraie’ Illuminating Powder, Primordiale Nuit Skin Recharge, and the Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion.

Being such a makeup junkie, I am more excited with the illuminating powder. I’m not a fan of these kinds of powders before but ever since I’ve discovered Mary-lou manizer from The Balm, I became drawn to them.

I’ll post my thoughts on the products soon.


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Photographers have their cameras and lenses, us makeup artists we have our brushes and palettes. Aside from those, we also have add-ons like false lashes, other tools, and even the kits where we organize all of these.

Recently, I got a black makeup kit from Muji. I was planning on using it as my prep kit, where all the facial cleansers, moisturizers, brushes, etc. will be. But in a shoot last Monday, I used it as my retouch kit. Since I was doing hairstyling at the time as well, I put the comb, hair spray, and wax there. It became really handy since the shoulder strap is comfortable and there are outer pockets where I placed the facial tissue and alcohol ready.

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Classic Ideas

I always browse fashion magazines and blogs to seek fresh ideas. I like to check out latest trends not only in makeup but also in fashion. But at times, I go back to what I call my classics. These are the books I read when I just want to be refreshed and when I want to remind myself of the theories I learned and lessons that I may have forgotten.

When I was studying to be a makeup artist, aside from the handouts and lessons, I also refer to other makeup books. These are Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown and The Complete Guide to Makeup by Suzanne Le Quesne.

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Pastel Me!

The rainy season is here but I can’t let go of the beautiful summer colors. So as a little reminder of days filled with beautiful clouds and bright sunshine, I opted for a pastel nail color. This is Cotton Candy by OPI. Loves this pastel shade, plus it matches the new purse I recently got from Forever 21! Happy ME!!!

Say Hello to my stubby fingers 🙂


Disclosure: All Products mentioned here were purchased by the author. All opinions are based on the author’s personal experience and research. No compensation was made for products featured and/or reviewed in this post.

Mineral This and That

Mineral makeup has been around for a while, actually way back in the mid 70s when Bare Escentuals launched its loose powder foundations. About early 2010 I jumped on the bandwagon.

I started with the foundation from Body Shop’s Nature’s Mineral collection. My first reaction when I started applying it on my face was, “Where is it? Didn’t I put enough?” That’s because I could hardly see the powder on my face. The coverage was sheer especially for someone who is used to Mac studio fix powders. Also, I noticed that it doesn’t do much for my oily skin. After a few hours I notice my T-zone oiling up. But it is true that a little can go a long way. I didn’t need a lot of products for my face. One container lasted for months. Another good thing about it is it already has SPF25, so an added sun protection for my face.

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Short It Is

I became really comfortable with my long hair. In fact, I wouldn’t do anything drastic when it comes to hairstyles. Just a few layers or some bangs, have it in a ponytail, or curl it, but that’s about it. Then came the time that I really wanted shorter hair, because I want to avoid my hair getting stuck between my shoulder and the straps of my bag. You know what I mean, the pain of trying to gently pull out your hair from getting stuck and removing your bag from your shoulder until you realize your hair got wrapped around the bag’s handle and just feel some strands getting pulled from your head.

Summer came and went and I watch those who were brave enough to chop their lustrous mane with envy. So one Sunday I just went with my Mom who was getting a trim in Fabio Salsa at the Power Plant Mall.

Here’s the result!

It sure feels lighter and I need less shampoo for it.

I’ll sure miss curling my hair like this though:


The Backup Powder

I’ve always been an NC30 skin tone (in Mac Studio Fix powder equivalent), but summer came and the beach beckoned me to enjoy the cool water. Lo and behold, my skin was sunburned. I was really tan, and now close to NC43.

Good thing, I have a darker shade powder I sometimes use for contouring. My Motives by Loren Ridinger in Honey saved me from buying another powder that I’m only going to use for a few months.








The packaging of this powder is heavier compared to MAC’s studiofix. And instead of using the thin powder puff that comes with Motives’ powder, i either use my kabuki brush from Body Shop or my retractable brush from Muji, which I also carry in my purse.



Disclosure: All Products mentioned here were purchased by the author. All opinions are based on the author’s personal experience and research. Beauty à la mode does not accept compensation for product features and reviews.