Review: Real Techniques Brushes

I have been hearing raves about the Real Techniques Brushes for a really long time, but I had some reservation about them because the brushes have synthetic hairs. When I was studying to be a makeup artist, I learned that natural hair makeup brushes pick-up powder products than synthetic ones. At the end of the day, I had to try them myself to find out what the buzz is all about.

I first got the Core Collection set which has 4 full-size brushes and a case. The brushes in this set are: the detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, and contour brush.

Real Techniques Core Collection (L-R: buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush)
Real Techniques Core Collection (L-R: buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush)

When I tested them out, I was quite surprised on how well the brushes picked up powder products. Also, I loved how densely packed the brushes, especially the buffing and contour brushes, were. Another thing I liked about the brushes was they clean easily using Parian Spirit. I used the buffing brush for both liquid and powder products. Ironically,  I use the contour brush to highlight my face. I didn’t expect much from the foundation and detailer brushes since I knew they were going to perform well when it comes to creams and liquids, given that they have synthetic hairs.

So I didn’t stop here. I was curious about the rest of the brushes so I got two more brushes.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush

I just love the Expert Face Brush the moment I first used it. It’s great in building foundation coverage. I have been using it regularly ever since. On the other hand, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the blush brush. I like how it almost has a dome shape but at the same time I haven’t found the best strategy to use it as a blush brush. I have found myself reaching for this brush each time but I haven’t fully mastered how I can use it well for my face at least. I like smaller blush brushes because I can easily manage the area or space I want to concentrate the pigments on, and that is my main challenge with this one. I feel like the brush hairs are not compact enough that the product tends to spread so much on my face. Also, I notice that the pigments of the blush stay more on the brush rather than be distributed on my cheeks. I am still not sure if I like or hate this brush so I am still experimenting on how I use it.

What do you think of Real Techniques brushes? Like them? Share your thoughts!

P.S. I bought the Core Collection from Makeup Pro QC, while both the Blush Brush and Expert Face Brush are from Kalm Cosmetics.


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