Skin problems due to weather changes

I am grateful to be blessed with great genes when it comes to my skin. And I maintain my skin’s condition with a simple skin care regimen. For me, I have several trusted products that have been effective for me. My routine is morning and evening cleansing, toning, and moisturizer. But more on that later.

I had some skin problems when I was in Beijing and when I got back in the Philippines.

When I was in Beijing, the weather was so cold. One of the coldest days, we experienced 3 degrees Celsius cold. The cold, I can take, but it was the cold wind that makes it hard to tolerate. My skin took a toll when I experienced what I suspect to be windburn.

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Truth in Dealing with Acne

If asked, most people would say that they had some bad acne experience once they hit puberty. I, for one, experienced this. During that time, it was breakouts after breakouts every week. I couldn’t understand what was going on back then and what I was doing wrong. That time, information through the Internet was not as accessible unlike today. Just take this Truth Seeker campaign, where I was able to discuss several myths and experiences when it comes to dealing with acne.

The first time I experienced acne, I really didn’t know what to do, so I popped it. I was so annoyed a few days after because it became worse. Then, my older sister told me not to pick on it.

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Sinful Skincare Habits

We try all types of products and remedies to achieve clearer skin; but let’s admit it, we have certain bad habits that contribute in breakouts or acne. Through the Truth Seeker campaign, I assess my skincare habits and try to find what have I been doing wrong.  Here are my top three skincare sins.

Number 3: Using dirty brushes and sponges

I’m a professional makeup artist and I am very thorough when it comes to cleaning my brushes and discarding used sponges for every client. But when it comes to my personal use, I am more lenient. First off, I don’t wash my brushes everyday. The most often I do this is once a week, which I don’t really do religiously. Worse, I wash them only when I feel something itchy on my face after I apply makeup. Also, I tend to pack used brushes in my makeup pouch that I bring everyday. The bad thing here is that those brushes tend to get dirtier because I store them in this pouch without cleaning them first. And I just take them out and use them anyway. I really need to kick this habit for my skin’s sake.

Blushes due for cleaning

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Homemade Skin Remedies, Do They Work?

Whenever I browse online to check out new beauty products, I would always stumble upon some home remedies for clearer skin. I’ve always wondered if those would actually work for me. And since I’m part of the Truth Seeker campaign, now is the best time to test them out.

I went ahead with the most accessible ones. I believe that homemade acne remedies should also mean their ingredients can easily be found in anyone’s home. This would make them easier to use. I chose to try the brown sugar scrub and honey mask.

First, I prepared what I need:

-a teaspoon of brown sugar
-a couple of tablespoon of honey

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Thank God for the Genes!

As part of the Truth Seeker campaign, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences as well as of those who are close to me regarding acne. Sure, this subject can have multiple hits on Google everyday; and their age brackets or their sexual orientation cannot limit those looking for answers or tips. At some point, we may have suspected breakouts with acne.

Using oil-free products is the start of remedying this, but another aspect we need to look at is our genes. Acne can be hereditary.

Looking at my mom and dad, I feel blessed that we don’t have that acne gene. Just look at how beautiful she still is. Aside from the wrinkles, her skin is A-ok! Truth is, she may have more beautiful skin compared to me. She is truly aging gracefully. My sister also inherited my mother’s beautiful skin. She doesn’t have acne and with the basic skin care routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, she was able to maintain it that way.

Me and my beautiful Mom

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Acne and How It Makes Us Feel

Some of us are lucky enough not to deal with acne on a daily basis, while some are not so fortunate. I am one of those lucky few that could only blame hormones, late nights, and unhealthy lifestyle when it came to acne. As part of the Truth Seeker campaign, let me share something about acne problems.

But at some point in our lives we will be acquainted with a person who has worse acne problems. In my case, I have a close friend who is really conscious when it comes to her face. Let’s just say that it is hormones will only add to the problem. She tried staying away from chicken and peanuts but that doesn’t seem to work at all.  Let me just show you.

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