Excited For Inglot Philippines!

I can’t express how excited I am for Inglot to come in Manila! And I don’t mean resellers, I mean a legit store where I can test the products and just hoard!

I am such a fan of Inglot, especially their eyeshadows and the freedom palette system!

To pay tribute and to show my excitement, let me share my own Inglot palette. I bought all these from Make Up Pro.

Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R:
Inglot Freedom System (Top L-R: 14, 110R, 107R, 361, 391, Bottom L-R: 391, 429, 350, 347,356)

Palette Price: PHP1,000

The eyeshadow square costs PHP400, except for the Rainbow eyeshadow square costs PHP480

Bought in: Make Up Pro

They are heavily pigmented. What you see on each eyeshadow pan is the same color you get when transferred on your eyelids. I’ll share the swatches below….

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Bronzer On My Eyes

If I would compare my personal makeup collection with my professional makeup artist’s kit, I have a limited one as you can see in my previous post. I realized I have few eyeshadow shades. Of course, I have my neutral palette in the form of Naked 1, then I have a more colorful one which is Urban Decay’s Smoked palette. But that’s almost about it. And I kind of got tired with the usual shades I wear everyday, then I spotted my favorite bronzer from The Balm.

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L.A. makeup madness: Smoked

It was July 10 when I heard about Urban Decay Cosmetics new Smoked palette. I was so excited over it and I couldn’t wait to get one. It looks promising and definitely worth buying.

So when I got the chance to drop by Macy’s I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw the Urban Decay Smoked palette on display. I just knew I had to get it! I didn’t wait a second longer and just bought it.

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