The great thing about big shoots is being able to hang out with fellow makeup artists and hair stylists. We get to exchange notes, go through each other’s makeup stash, and if given the available downtime, do each other’s hair and makeup.

In one recent shoot, we had some downtime, waiting for the set to be ready and etc. So I chatted away about my hair color and the ombre trend. I have been targeting to get put some pink color on the tips of my hair. My initial peg was this:

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Short It Is

I became really comfortable with my long hair. In fact, I wouldn’t do anything drastic when it comes to hairstyles. Just a few layers or some bangs, have it in a ponytail, or curl it, but that’s about it. Then came the time that I really wanted shorter hair, because I want to avoid my hair getting stuck between my shoulder and the straps of my bag. You know what I mean, the pain of trying to gently pull out your hair from getting stuck and removing your bag from your shoulder until you realize your hair got wrapped around the bag’s handle and just feel some strands getting pulled from your head.

Summer came and went and I watch those who were brave enough to chop their lustrous mane with envy. So one Sunday I just went with my Mom who was getting a trim in Fabio Salsa at the Power Plant Mall.

Here’s the result!

It sure feels lighter and I need less shampoo for it.

I’ll sure miss curling my hair like this though: