Christmas Eve Loot

For Christmas Eve, my mom and I hit the mall for our last hooraah on holiday shopping. I bought some things for myself this time.

First up is my shirt from Freeway. I got a 3/4 sleeves top from their Philippines National Artist Collectors Series featuring F. Sionil Jose. I am such a fan of Mr. Jose ever since I read his book, “Three Filipino Women”. He is my favorite Filipino writer. The brand has been featuring local artists and icons. Lucky for me, I found a great-looking top with the best quote: “Literature becomes so important so vital and crucial, for it is in literature that we enshrine memory. Without memory, there is no Nation.”

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Loving Online Shops

I’m really glad that we Filipinos are getting the hang of online shopping. It’s good that we have trusted sellers nowadays; and with the help of social networking sites like Facebook and Multiply, online shopping became easier and more fun.

I’m not a novice when it comes to online shopping but I’m not a frequent buyer as well. I had my first online shopping experience with a very trusted seller and college batch mate, Ana Gonzales of Anagon Collection. I adore her accessories especially her one-of-a-kind wire art designs.

My other fave is Digital Traincase. This online store has been around for a while. They offer NYX products as well as a large collection of nail polishes from different brands. I usually buy from them in bazaars, just for the single reason that I want to test out the products first. But recently I tried ordering online through their Multiply site. It was so hassle-free.

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