Darker Lips For Fall

Even if we don’t enjoy four season in the Philippines, the rainy season gives us a reason to dress warmly and sport some darker lips.

Here’s my take on it.

Wearing H&M lipstick in Wild Thing
Wearing H&M lipstick in Wild Thing

Plus, I partnered it with a darker nail polish.

Matching lipstick shade and nail polish color
Matching lipstick shade and nail polish color

Dare to go darker? What’s the darkest lip color you have worn?



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Lip Diary Day 3: Pink is always in!

Ok, ok.. I admit it. I LOVE PINK!! I absolutely will never get tired of the color. It’s fun, it’s girly, and it is just oh-so pretty.

Yup, that’s the girly-girl in me speaking. I just adore the color. Maybe that’s why I have lots of pink-shade lipsticks too. And for today, I’m sporting a cool pink color that would say hello to summer!

Oh hello there sunshine!

Today, I’m wearing H&M Lipstick in Diva Bride. It’s one of the lipsticks I purchased last month when I was in Hong Kong.

Isn’t that a fabulous name for a lipstick? Diva Bride.. Every time I say it, it just make me feel like I’m some fabulous diva. Like Nicki MInaj.

Maybe on my special day (wedding), I’d probably consider wearing this shade. We’ll see..

What lipstick shade you wear that makes you feel like a DIVA?