Revisiting Kevyn Aucoin

Preparing for a photo shoot or makeup projects are not far off from preparing for an exam. First you make sure you have all your tools ready; from makeup to brushes, down to portable battery-operated fan you might just need. Then, you review the makeup pegs and at times, would consult classic references. This time, I was skimming through the pages of Kevyn Aucoin’s, “Making Faces”.

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Classic Ideas

I always browse fashion magazines and blogs to seek fresh ideas. I like to check out latest trends not only in makeup but also in fashion. But at times, I go back to what I call my classics. These are the books I read when I just want to be refreshed and when I want to remind myself of the theories I learned and lessons that I may have forgotten.

When I was studying to be a makeup artist, aside from the handouts and lessons, I also refer to other makeup books. These are Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown and The Complete Guide to Makeup by Suzanne Le Quesne.

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