Looking Tired To Looking Fresh By Applying Mascara

I love applying eye makeup. It is actually my favorite part of makeup application. It can really change my entire look. I have had several experiences of looking tired one minute and looking like I had a restful sleep the next just with the help of a few eye makeup products.

One very simple way of doing that is with an eyeliner, eyelash curler, and a mascara. Check out the before and after photo when I applied some mascara.

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Mascara History

Do you know it was Helena Rubinstein who first formulated the mascara similar to what we know today?

imagesShe formulated a lotion-based cream mascara and packaged it to come with a brush.

Before her formulation, mascaras came in a cake form. Like this from Maybelline.

1917-MAYBELINE CAKE MASCARAToday, there are still some cake mascaras available, like those from Kryolan. But it sure is easier to manage our tube-type mascaras. So thank you so much Ms. Helena Rubinstein!

Up till today, Helena Rubinstein remains a strong brand in the cosmetics industry. And we all know how Maybelline mascaras have become cult-favorites.

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Lash Away

I’m obsessed with long lavish lashes — those thick and naturally curled up eyelashes. I know it’s very easy to imitate them with the power of false eyelashes. The thing is I don’t like wearing them myself. I swear by their instant effects of making the eyes look bigger and brightening one’s face, but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

My alternative is to apply several coats of mascara.

Here’s my personal mascara collection:

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