The Hunt For Flats

Ok.. So I didn’t really hunt for those oh-so perfect flats. I already know what brand to look for and where.

Before the heavy downpour we experienced recently, I was out looking for ballet flats; specifically from Anthology.

The very reason I’m buying new flats is because my old pair from Anthology needs to retire. My Mom took pity on it and told me to let it go and buy new ones. I couldn’t really let them go because they are so comfortable. And like any high-quality pair of shoes, they get better as they age, so the comfort level just improves.

In need of retirement Anthology Flats
In-need-of-retirement Anthology Flats

Just look how worn they are now. But I can’t let them go. Even if I have new flats, I still wear this pair at times.

My favorite Anthology flats
My favorite Anthology flats

I went back to Crossings Department Store in Shangri-La Plaza to find my next favorite Anthology shoes. And I did! But instead of getting a pair, I ended up getting two!

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August Trends!

Check out the hottest trends for the month of August from

image from
image from


Nude lips, matte lips, and iridescent eyes are just some of this month’s hottest trends in beauty. And these are just perfect for this rainy season. I’m not so sure about the white on white. Definitely not applicable here in the Philippines.

Check it all out at


Christmas Eve Loot

For Christmas Eve, my mom and I hit the mall for our last hooraah on holiday shopping. I bought some things for myself this time.

First up is my shirt from Freeway. I got a 3/4 sleeves top from their Philippines National Artist Collectors Series featuring F. Sionil Jose. I am such a fan of Mr. Jose ever since I read his book, “Three Filipino Women”. He is my favorite Filipino writer. The brand has been featuring local artists and icons. Lucky for me, I found a great-looking top with the best quote: “Literature becomes so important so vital and crucial, for it is in literature that we enshrine memory. Without memory, there is no Nation.”

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